Social Security

Social Security is broken and we keep kicking the can. Older generations that have paid into it for their entire lives absolutely deserve to collect on the promise that they were made. But, when it was created, the average life expectancy was much lower than it is today. It is now a fundamentally flawed system. Some generation WILL face the consequences of this unsustainable program. No generation is willing to stand up and volunteer. I’ve been standing up to volunteer my whole life, so--I volunteer. We need to start focusing on alternative retirement plans (either hybrid or privatized) for our generation, and few in Congress have had the courage, so far, to say “I will view my past thirteen-years-worth of social security deposits as a ‘donation’ of sorts. In exchange, however, I demand fiscal responsibility. I’m not sacrificing thirteen years of payments just so you can continue to drive up our national debt.” Your social security should be something you set up and begin as a senior in High School. In the future, we should be required to put away a certain amount for retirement, and employers can offer various matching incentives to their employees. I believe the government can assist in preventing future retirement-age workers from not having saved anything. Finally, I would like to shift the federal retirement age to at least 68.


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