National Security

American foreign policy has always been most effective when we take the Teddy Roosevelt approach: “Speak softly and carry a big stick. That means a strong military, strengthened partnerships with allies like Israel, and strong political and economic ties with countries who promote Western Democracy. The best deterrent of foreign aggression against our nation is a strong military. However, deterrence can often be accomplished before that military is called upon. Countries that do not support our sanctions and joint cooperation against North Korea should be pressured harder economically and politically. When we take a stance throughout the globe, we should be prepared to back up our words with actions. For far too long, veterans have played too small a role in the decision-making process to send our nation's sons and daughters to war. I know the cost of that decision. Hundreds of my classmates and my friends are deployed abroad right now working in joint operation centers across the globe. They are my policy advisors, not some Washington think-tank or lobbyist group. I intend to provide the kind of leadership and experienced voice that have been missing in Washington.


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