Justice & Equality

Concepts like Capital J “Justice,” and Capital E “Equality” are not political issues that are up for debate. They aren’t for liberals or conservatives. They aren’t for Democrats or Republicans. They are for ALL Americans. We are all Americans. It is time for us to start treating folks from every race, creed, and religion with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

America has left behind, outsourced, and drained economic opportunity (both in Rural America and in our inner cities) in favor of foreign workers. We are witnessing a decimating opioid epidemic, a breakdown of family structure, and conflicts with law enforcement in cities throughout the country. Providing new economic opportunities is the first and most important goal that our government should be working towards. Innovating—just as Hoosiers continue to do—is how we will bridge that gap and find the solutions to our current economic challenges.

In order to get there, the best thing government can begin to do is reduce the strain on job producers with burdensome taxes and unnecessary regulations dictated from Washington. As a country, we also need to take a good, hard look at the ways in which some of the laws created in the mid-1900s regarding housing, education, and the justice system in general, are still negatively impacting large groups of Americans today.


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