Jobs & Economy

Even one Hoosier out of work or underemployed is one too many. We need to do everything in our power to bring our fellow Hoosiers back to the table, and we need to get those folks caught up financially.

That said, Indiana sets the standard for sound fiscal policy in the United States with an AAA credit rating and an actual budget surplus. While other states are raising taxes to keep up with mounting debt, Indiana continues to make smart financial choices. Put simply, we need to replicate this model for the rest of the nation. A welcoming tax environment and less regulation will incentivize businesses to move to Indiana, and hardworking Hoosiers will keep them here.

I support Governor Holcomb’s “Next Level Roads Plan.” As the “Crossroads of America,” Indiana should lead the nation in quality, maintenance, and efficiency of infrastructure, and the federal government should support us in that endeavor. Infrastructure initiatives also provide the opportunity to create jobs for Hoosiers that need them, and I intend to support legislation that does exactly that.

Additionally, we need to start re-structuring our high school curriculum to include apprenticeship and technical skill-specific training. Right now, we live in a world where children are told that they won’t ever get a job if they don’t go to college. That is categorically untrue. The jobs that need filled most often, today, are technical and special skills jobs that we are doing a poor job of training our youth for.

Regarding reducing the national debt: we need to go back to zero-based budgeting, meaning that we need to start over from scratch, tear down the budget, and rebuild it from the ground up. We need to take a look at each individual government program and vote on each one as a separate entity. What we do right now is have this federal debate about “if we take money from this program, who gets it?” Or “If we’re paying for this, what are we taking money away from?” It’s getting us nowhere. The budget is completely out of control and fiscally irresponsible. We continue to put our future generations in jeopardy, and eventually somebody will come collecting, but right now it’s like we’re playing with Monopoly money.


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