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Christian. Conservative. Iraq War Veteran. 


It is no coincidence that the political stagnation that we have witnessed in Washington, D.C., has occurred at a time when the percentage of politicians that served in our nation's military has dropped below twenty percent. This wasn't always the case. In the 1970's, 75% of Congress were veterans.

The United States Military Academy honed the leadership skills of Jared Thomas and instilled the values of “Duty, Honor, and Country.” His experiences leading our nation’s very finest helped him to become the kind of leader needed now more than ever in Washington--the kind of leader that puts the country first. Jared Thomas is a fighter willing to continue taking the kind of strong, principled stands required by Hoosiers and by our nation’s veterans and military members. Jared intends to fight for the conservative principles that have long made America the “shining city on a hill” that Ronald Reagan immortalized.



Jared looks to his Christian faith, his Indiana upbringing, and the character traits instilled in him by West Point and the Army.

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